An Early ‘Christmas’ at Woodson

An Early ‘Christmas’ at Woodson

In the Christmas spirit a bit early this year? If so, check out WT Woodson High School’s fall production of “A Christmas Carol.” This Charles Dickens original play is ideal for the holiday season, and a great show for the entire family. “It’s a great show to see if you’ve seen it many times before, but it’s also a great show to see for the first time,” said John Wassel, who plays Scrooge in the production.

Actors and techies alike are looking forward to being part of Woodson’s fall play for many reasons, among them would be strengthening the current theater department. “‘A Christmas Carol’ has lot’s of characters, which means lots of opportunities for new kids to come out and expand our drama department,” said Britt Goodman, the Baker in “A Christmas Carol.” Many of the leads are played by departing seniors who have proved to be enthusiastic about their assigned roles. “I am excited to be in this show because I have a chance to bring a familiar character to life, in my own way,” said Wassel, on his character of Scrooge.

The show will be an interesting and challenging adventure for the technical department of Woodson theater. For the first time, Woodson will be making characters hover and fly onstage. The designated “flight crew” will make sure things go smoothly during shows while Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas future are suspended in the air by harnesses and flying wires.

There is also an interesting, intricate set in the making. “This is a good challenge for the set construction crew because we are building two separate two-story set units that spin for set changes,” said Dustin Hancock, master carpenter. Among other exciting technical aspects of the show, there will be many sound effects, and artistic lighting that portray objects onstage, such as coffins. There will also be a lot of student involvement in costumes. “This year we are constructing about fifteen costumes completely from scratch,” said Ally McGraw, Head of Costumes.

Woodson High School theater is experimenting in making this show their very own. So, come watch as the Woodson theater department brings this ghoulish story filled with hope and revival to life.