Arlington Teen Arrested in Stabbing

Arlington Teen Arrested in Stabbing

A battle begun during a video game spilled over into real life last week when two teen-agers made their computer contest personal. And when the dust cleared, one teen was stabbed and the other was incarcerated.

The incident occurred last Wednesday, Oct. 4, shortly after 1 a.m. and involved an 18-year-old from Centreville and a 17-year old from Arlington. According to Arlington police, the two were playing an online video game and started feuding with each other.

But it didn't end there, because the two agreed to meet in person after the game — in the 1000 block of Arlington's North Garfield Street — to continue their argument. Arlington police spokesman John Lisle said the Arlington teen gave the Centreville teen his name and address and "the kid from Centreville drove to Arlington to his apartment building, where they got into a fight outside."

Police aren't releasing the name of either teen, both male, since the 17-year-old is a juvenile and the 18-year-old was the victim. However, said Lisle, once their physical fight began, "The 17-year-old from Arlington [allegedly] ended up stabbing the Centreville boy three times in the chest and arm."

The victim was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, and the hospital notified police. Authorities then took the Arlington teen into custody, charging him with malicious wounding. He's being held in the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home.

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