Losing Homes

Losing Homes

Foreclosures: No affixed address.

With the housing boom in the rearview mirror, real estate experts foresee a road ahead filled with speed bumps and potholes for many homeowners.

As sales sag and inventory spikes, home appreciation has slowed to a crawl.

But prices are only one side effect of the slowing market.

So far, sellers have faced the most visible hardships, forced to drop prices and add incentives to entice buyers.

But the cooling market has also had a more insidious, less visible result. With rising interest rates, many borrowers who chose exotic lending packages during the boom are falling delinquent on their monthly payments. Foreclosures may not be far behind.

In an occasional series over the next few months, the Connection Newspapers will highlight how the slowing trend in the market has threatened homeowners.

Next week, see who’s feeling the foreclosure crunch. As a preview, the foreclosures shown here demonstrate the widespread reach of a cooling market.