Insari: Guilty to Soliciting Minor

Insari: Guilty to Soliciting Minor

Before accepting Faheem Ulghani Insari's plea of guilty last week to soliciting a minor for sex, Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Smith made sure he was fully aware of what he was doing.

"DO YOU understand the charge against you?" asked Smith. "Yes, sir," replied Insari. "And are you entering this plea freely and voluntarily and because you are, in fact, guilty of the crime as charged?" asked the judge. "Yes, sir," said Insari.

"Do you understand that it's a felony conviction and that the maximum penalty for this charge is 10 years imprisonment?" asked Smith. Again, Insari answered affirmatively.

Insari, 31, of 20881 Fowlers Mill Circle in Ashburn, came to Centreville in early February to meet a young, teen-age girl with whom he planned to have sex. Instead, he learned the object of his affection was really an undercover cop and he was busted.

In court last Wednesday, Oct. 11, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Faraji Rosenthall presented the evidence against Insari, had this case gone to trial. He said that, on Feb. 2, police Det. Heath Mckennedy was working online in an undercover capacity with the profile of a girl, 14.

Assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau's Child Exploitation Unit, Mckennedy was contacted by someone with the Yahoo screen name, frank_nova2003. After a few minutes, said Rosenthall, the conversation turned sexual.

"'Frank' asked if she was a virgin and said he didn't want to go to jail," said the prosecutor. "He asked if he could come to her house, and he said he wanted to touch her under her clothes, touch her breasts and have her perform oral sex on him."

"He gave her his cell-phone number, and they arranged to meet at a park in Centreville," continued Rosenthall. "He told her he'd be driving a red Nissan Maxima and wearing a baseball cap and that he would bring condoms. He also told her he thought she was illegal, but then said, 'Let's have some fun.'"

When Insari arrived at the park, police arrested him and charged him with use of a communications system to facilitate certain offenses involving children. "After he was read his Miranda rights, he admitted to police that he'd gotten the keys to his brother's office and wanted to have intercourse with her there," said Rosenthall. "He also brought ginseng with him for an additional boost."

Judge Smith then accepted Insari's plea and found him guilty. He ordered a pre-sentencing investigation be done on him, and then the prosecuting and defense attorneys argued whether Insari should be allowed to remain free on bond until he's sentenced.

Rosenthall wanted him jailed immediately. "He went to great lengths to set this up, and he's a threat to the community," he said. But defense attorney Michael I. Rieger disagreed, noting that this offense happened eight months ago.

He said his client is originally from Pakistan, is in the U.S. legally, has his green card and is a permanent resident since 2002. He also noted that Insari is an admissions secretary at Strayer University and has always been employed here in trusted positions.

"He's married, his wife is a nurse and he has no criminal record," added Rieger. "He has extensive family here. He has had eight months to leave the area; he hasn't done so. Instead, he's done four things to help himself. He's attended meetings of Sex Addicts Anonymous and Sex Compulsives Anonymous, he's seeing a sex therapist and he has been evaluated by Dr. Jerome Miller of the Augustus Institute."

Rieger then presented the doctor's report and some letters explaining the help Insari has received. "The doctor said he has sexual issues, but he's not a sexual predator or a pedophile," said Rieger. "He's attended 150 hours of meetings, and the last eight months of his life has been dedicated to rehabilitation."

Smith then agreed to let Insari remain free on bond, pending his sentencing on Jan. 18. He also ordered Insari to cooperate with the probation officer and submit to random drug screens.