'Grudge' Against Logic

'Grudge' Against Logic

Film Review

"The Grudge 2" is about an angry ghost who kills people, makes others angry so that they kill people, and then makes the audience angry because they paid $10 bucks to watch it all happen.

Completely ignoring the rules the original "Grudge" set up, this sequel goes head (along with long black hair) first into making absolutely no sense — outside of re-establishing that pale Asians are still creepy.

It's nice when horror movies make some sense. This one isn't nice. Unlike the first film's house-bound cruse, there seems to be no limit to how or who the curse will attack. Without any limitations, there's also no suspense. It all becomes sort of inevitable and thus dull.

How can "The Grudges'" black cat, big-eyed child and long-haired mother randomly killing people become a bore? It gets a bit repetitive — by the third kill, the jumps become giggles and the creepiness goes right out the Japanese sliding door.

Even the supposed twist at the end is as obvious as the fact that male lead — Edison Chen, fresh from Japan — had never taken an English-language acting class in his life.

For a movie whose inspiration comes from an original and creepy idea in both the original Japanese version "Ju-on" and the first Americanized "Grudge," "The Grudge 2" settles into horror clichés far too easily, scaring school girls in short skirts and killing sexual deviants all in the proper order and without any real flare. It's attempt to explain the origins of the curse — a back story about the ghosts' mother feeding her evil spirits — feels like filler.

The film makers should have filled that time explaining why the grudge can now wantonly jump from one person to another without a care in the world — or about the previous film.

Better yet, they could have forgotten the filler, made a shorter film, and gotten everyone out of the theater faster.

<1b> — Matthew Razak