Dr. Feargood

Dr. Feargood

Wayside Elementary hosts hospital-themed Fall Festival and Haunted House.

Hundreds of students and parents flooded the halls of Wayside Elementary on Saturday for the annual Fall Festival and Haunted House.

Festivities included a cake walk, temporary tattoos, dancing, drawings and games with candy prizes, as well as decorations by Good Earth, Potomac Pizza catering and snow cones. Entertainment, including lights, DJ and dancing, was provided by Glyde Productions. This year’s Haunted House theme was “Haunted Hospital,” where volunteer students, parents, teachers and administrators dressed as ghoulish doctors and nurses “just dying to diagnose” and “scare the germs right out of you.”

The scary surprises in the three-hour Haunted House were toned down for younger students during the first hour. Principal Yong-Mi Kim and assistant principal Susan Zimmerman also got in on the fun, dressing up in costume to surprise students in the final room of the Haunted Hospital.