Jim Moran for Congress

Jim Moran for Congress

Jim Moran is the right representative for his district, reflecting the views of his Arlington, Alexandria, Reston and Fairfax constituents. His district was designed to consolidate as many strongly Democratic neighborhoods as possible, and the result is a safe seat for Moran.

Moran’s strong grounding in local politics, rising from Alexandria City Council, makes him an especially effective and important representative in Congress, with an excellent record of bringing home needed funding for transportation and other local needs. His record on the environment is also first rate.

Jim Moran is one of the few members of Congress who opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, giving him credibility when he says:

“We are less safe today than we were before Sept. 11, 2001. After the attacks of that fateful day, 85 percent of the world was in supportive sympathy with us and loyal to our values. Today, two-thirds of the world feels we are a threat to their security and to world peace.”

It’s ironic then, that Moran, with his seat on defense appropriations, is master of channeling funding to local defense contractors. We hope that he will remember his liberal base, and be a strong voice for reform in the next Congress.

— Mary Kimm