The Shocking Truth

The Shocking Truth

Students learn Watts Up in program hosted by Locust Grove Nature Center and Mad Science.

Static electricity — it’s not just for clingy laundry any more. At Watts Up, a program run by Locust Grove Nature Center and Mad Science on Thursday, April 26, children learned how static electricity can separate salt from pepper, and how an electric current can travel through a human chain of children holding hands.

Watts Up is one of many programs offered by Locust Grove Nature Center. Upcoming events at Locust Grove include Happy Bird Day on May 12, the center’s annual hello to spring birds that includes games, crafts and special guests. “Oh That’s Gross!” on May 24 shows how animals defend themselves with mucous, projectile barf, malodorous oils and other gruesome defense techniques.

Locust Grove is located at 7777 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda, in Cabin John Regional Park. See