Drug Charges Levied against Man

Drug Charges Levied against Man

Whether he's guilty or innocent, Centreville's Jaime Andrade will be spending the foreseeable future in and out of courtrooms. That's because he's charged with seven crimes in Prince William County and one in Fairfax County.

Andrade, 39, lives at 6207 Stonepath Circle in the London Towne community. And in Aug. 1 affidavits for warrants to search his home and truck, a Fairfax County police detective explained the cases — mainly drug offenses — against him.

Centre View is not revealing the detective's identity since he often works undercover. However, he wrote that, this spring, a narcotics detective with Prince William's police department was investigating Andrade as being a possible cocaine distributor.

"On four occasions during February and March of 2007, cocaine was [allegedly] purchased from Andrade in Prince William County," wrote the Fairfax detective. "[It] was sent to the state drug lab and [reportedly] returned positive for cocaine."

Prince William police then obtained four arrest warrants for Andrade, charging him with distribution of cocaine. But as things turned out, they weren't served until Aug. 1.

Meanwhile, on May 10, Prince William Police Officer D.A. Hoffman made a traffic stop of a suspicious truck in that county. The driver was identified as Andrade.

"THE OFFICER noticed that Andrade was upset and nervous," wrote the Fairfax detective. "A black box with a white powder was observed on the floor near Andrade's feet."

Andrade consented to a search of his person, and nothing illegal was found. However, according to the affidavit, he refused to allow police to search his truck, a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado. Then, wrote the detective, "Andrade sped away from the stop at a high rate of speed."

Hoffman tried to catch up with Andrade to charge him with reckless driving and later found the vehicle abandoned, "as if the occupant had fled," the detective wrote. "Hoffman [allegedly] found a quantity of cocaine and marijuana inside the vehicle."

After both substances field-tested positive for these drugs, Prince William police obtained three more arrest warrants for Andrade. This time, they charged him with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

On July 31, Officer Sean Cheatham of the Sully District Police Station was attempting to serve arrest warrants — especially the ones for Andrade. He was unable to do so on that date, but he did notice the Chevy pickup truck parked in front of Andrade's Centreville townhouse.

The next day, Aug. 1, another Sully District police officer saw a person matching Andrade's description leave that house by the front door. Officers approached him and, wrote the detective, "The subject [reportedly] identified himself as John Davidson."

However, the officers had obtained a digital photo of Andrade from the Virginia DMV and recognized Davidson and Andrade as the same person. Furthermore, the detective wrote, "Andrade later identified himself as Andrade and acknowledged that he lived at that address."

Fairfax County police then charged him with identity theft and also served the three Prince William warrants charging him with cocaine possession and distribution, plus marijuana possession.

ALSO ON AUG. 1, Virginia State Trooper J.R. Lane served Andrade with the four warrants from Prince William accusing him of cocaine distribution. According to court records, these charges stem from a March 19 offense in that county.

In the Fairfax County affidavit, the detective hoped a search of Andrade's home and vehicle would yield evidence of drug use and/or dealing, as well as records and documents pertaining to drug sources and customers.

Police searched his home Aug. 2 and seized smoking paraphernalia, drugs and paraphernalia, and various records and documents. They also confiscated baking soda, and a pipe and ashtray with residue, from underneath a desk in his home office.

A week later, last Thursday, Aug. 9, police searched Andrade's truck and seized a cigarette pack containing marijuana, plus a wallet with more records and documents.

As for his court dates, he had an administrative hearing, Friday, Aug. 10, in Prince William. He's now slated for an Aug. 17 preliminary hearing on three of his drug charges and a Sept. 4 hearing on the other four.