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More Like Reno 91Fun!!!

Film Review

Maybe they should have just called “Reno 911: Miami” "Reno 9111," adding the extra digit to demonstrate how the film is simply an extended version of the TV show — only with curse words, blood, a pair of naked breasts and The Rock.

Since it's pretty much agreed upon that most people in the movie’s target demographic (men) enjoy curse words, blood, breasts and The Rock, your enjoyment of the movie is going to be based on whether or not you like the television show, and believe that type of comedy can fill an hour and half.

The simple answer from my perspective (male) is yes. There's just enough plot to hang the jokes on, as the "Reno 911" crew is forced to cover a major city, Miami, because the rest of the cops in the area have been poisoned.

Yes, a man getting bitten by an alligator is funny. Yes, blowing up a dead whale is hilarious. Yes, the same stupid comedy that works well in the show translates well into the movie and, yes, the motel masturbation scene shot from outside through motel windows (think the ship tour from “The Life Aquatic”) should go down in the annals of immature comedy history, whenever someone gets around to making those.

On the other hand, from my other perspective (film critic and financially challenged journalist), why in god's name would I pay 10 bucks to see an elongated television show that doesn’t raise its low brow humor at all when it transfers to the big screen? Especially when I can tide myself over with Season 4 of the TV series before buying the DVD and getting the same cinematic experience — just with less expensive popcorn and soda.

In its defense, the film doesn’t recycle any of the show's skits as many television to film movies do, and there are a few fantastic cameos from great comedians like David Koechner, Patton Oswalt and Paul Rudd. They add a certain “Hey, I know that guy” fun to the movie's improvisational humor.

Really if you just can’t wait for the show to come back, “Reno 911: Miami” is going to make you laugh a whole lot — not because it’s on a bigger screen, but because it’s flat out funny.

<1b>— Matthew Razak