Alive With Color

Alive With Color

Potomac Artists in Touch (PAinT) exhibition at Behnke Nursery puts a spotlight on the work of local painters.

As a landscape artist, Terri Cunningham loves the way the flowers in a nursery can accentuate her art. This week, Cunningham is one of 14 artists whose work is featured at Behnke Nursery as part of a Potomac Artists in Touch (PAinT) exhibit. “It’s very colorful,” said Cunningham. “It makes a perfect blend.”

Notwithstanding the season's first dose of true winter weather last week, Behnke Nursery is full of life and color. The exhibition features a variety of oil and acrylic paintings by local artists.

"It's a mixture of the art, the plants, and the Greco-Roman benches," said Anne Martinez of PAinT. "It's just beautiful, the way it's set up."

PAinT is a diverse group of local artists dedicated to cultivating the visual arts in the Potomac community. PAinT's membership includes professional artists with diverse training, styles and ethnic backgrounds; the result is a rich breadth of artistic work.

The group exhibits throughout the Potomac area about three times a year, said Karin Colton, a painter and a member of the group. Colton oversaw the exhibit Saturday afternoon.

“We paint on our own or together sometimes,” said Colton. “We just get together somewhere in the area.” Colton, a Potomac resident, emigrated from Germany to the U.S. in 1955. She took up painting after visiting the National Gallery of Art, where she was inspired by the works of the Jewish-Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani.

The exhibition runs through the weekend of Jan. 27-28, and 10 percent of the proceeds from art sales will go toward Cure Autism Now.