Hyland's Dynamic Duo: Goosebuster And Wiley

Hyland's Dynamic Duo: Goosebuster And Wiley

Hyland and Wiley Coyote have teamed up again. This time they're out to make sure the Goose's goose is cooked along the shores of Little Hunting Creek. Not as a summer picnic delicacy, but as a spreader of slime.

During Monday's meeting of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Mount Vernon District Supervisor Gerald Hyland introduced a Board Matter calling for the County Executive and Animal Control to evaluate products used to repel Canada geese that, in Hyland's words, "haunt the shores of the Potomac's tributaries."

Referencing a parallel to the Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd movie "Ghostbusters," Hyland reported that a Chicago company named "Bird-X Inc." recently sent him information on three goose repellents, "including their most popular, ‘Goosebuster.’" The latter, according to Hyland, "features genuine alarm and alert calls and recently added optional sounds of gunshots and hunting coyotes."

As Hyland noted, hunting coyotes "we already have along the creek." He also suggested to his Board colleagues, "If you prefer to get wily with the geese, perhaps our Animal Control Officers could take a page out of the Acme magazine and use their 3D replica of a predator coyote."

Almost putting the puns aside, he stated, "These products may help reduce overhead costs (which could be interpreted as having a dual meaning in the context of this subject matter) associated with clean up at Fairfax County facilities and Animal Control travel and response." It was approved by unanimous consent.