Man Charged: 2 Indecent Exposures

Man Charged: 2 Indecent Exposures

While walking on the paths in Cub Run Park, near Stillfield Place in Centreville's Virginia Run community, two 15-year-old girls encountered a man who exposed himself to them. Now, Fairfax County police have charged the person they believe committed this act: John Kennelly, 45, of 8001 Chanute Place, No. 16, in Falls Church.

POLICE SAY the incident occurred March 10, around 1:30 p.m. They say the girls came upon a man standing in front of them, with his back toward them. According to police, the man yelled to get their attention and then one of the girls turned and noticed that he'd pulled down his pants, pulled his shirt over his head and was exposing himself.

"As [they] ran away, they looked back and saw the suspect running toward them," said police. "He then ran into the woods and out of their sight."

Police say a subsequent investigation led them to Kennelly. And last Wednesday, May 30, they charged him with two counts of indecent exposure. He was arrested at the Adult Detention Center where he was already being held for probation violation.

Furthermore, this wasn't Kennelly's first brush with the law. In the summer of 2005, he solicited sex online. But his would-be, teen paramour turned out to be an undercover, law-enforcement officer. And eventually, he was the star of the show when the "Dateline NBC" television program did a story on sexual predators.

Things climaxed when, in August 2005, he showed up naked at a home in Herndon. He was looking forward to meeting what he thought was a 14-year-old boy, but was greeted by NBC cameramen, instead. Earlier, the "boy" had told him where to go for their meeting and had instructed him to enter the house sans clothing.

KENNELLY FLED when he realized he'd been tricked, but that didn't stop him from his Internet trolling for teens. The next day, he was chatting online again; but as in the previous episode, the object of his affection turned out to be another man. And when he arrived at their arranged meeting place, cameras filmed him a second time.

Police charged him with using electronic means to solicit sex from a minor and, in June 2006, he pleaded guilty in Circuit Court. Judge M. Langhorne Keith sentenced Kennelly to two years in prison, suspending all that time, and placing him on three years probation. Keith also ordered him to have no further unsupervised contact with juveniles.

Now that Kennelly's been re-arrested while on probation, the court can revoke some or all of his suspended prison time if he's convicted. And he may face additional time behind bars because of his latest alleged offenses. He's being held without bond at the Adult Detention Center and has a June 29 court date.