Neighborhood: Del Ray June 13-20

Neighborhood: Del Ray June 13-20


Summertime is just around the corner and there’s so much fun to be had! June’s First Thursday was a huge success— it was held on the 7th, the first Thursday of June and "The Avenue" was filled with folks out to learn more about Health & Wellness on the Avenue and I think it’s fair to say that a grand old time was had by all! Thank you all so much for coming out. The next fun First Thursday is July 5th! Be sure and come see all the fun that "The Avenue" has to offer!


Happy Father’s Day this Sunday to all of our Del Ray Dads! Seems there are a lot of you out there! Enjoy your Special Day!


Ring in Father’s Day Eve by bonding at the Mount Vernon Rec Center Fields! That’s right, this Saturday, June 16 it’s time once again for Cinema Del Ray. Your Del Ray calendars are already marked, but make sure your social calendar says so, too, that it is time for another showing of Cinema Del Ray at Dusk on the Mount Vernon Rec Center fields. We will be showing "Happy Feet" so please plan to attend. Children, lawn chairs, moms, dads, neighbors and friends are welcome. Our friends with leashes will have to stay in, unfortunately! Join us at 7 p.m. when the fun starts and refreshments will be sold! The evening, just like last month, promises to be a blast! Join us again!


In case you missed it, on Saturday morning, June 2 our community came together once again for a great cause. Thanks to everyone who participated in any way with the Kelley Cares 5K Run / Walk. Over $40,000 (and counting!) was raised for the creation of a mobile multi-sensory room at the Alexandria City Public Schools Therapeutic Recreation Section. An amazing amount of people came out to run and walk and help and block streets and cheer runners and walkers on, etc. A great day for a great girl. Thanks to all who were a part.


Community: I don’t know how Webster defines it but, I see it everyday in our ‘hood.’ From First Thursday, to the School Board meetings, to the Mt. Vernon PTA Fun Fair, to our weekly Farmers’ Market, and even while having custard and coffee on The Avenue. It would be hard to describe the Utopia that we call home but, it’s always interesting to see visitors stop in here to our little town and walk away feeling like the found a little piece of the American dream. That’s for making Del Ray home to so many.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Molly Danforth and her family.

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See you on The Avenue!

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