Ashburn Man Pleads Guilty

Ashburn Man Pleads Guilty

Softball coach charged with embezzlement pleads guilty.

The Ashburn man accused of embezzling funds from a local Little League softball team appeared before a judge this week to plead guilty to the charges.

Reginald Earl Drew, 39, and his lawyer appeared in a Loudoun court room Friday, March 9, to plead guilty to taking funds from the league. Drew is scheduled for sentencing Monday, June 25. Felony embezzlement carries up to a 20-year sentence under the Virginia sentencing guidelines.

Drew was charged with embezzling $10,000 in donations and annual membership fees from one of the Ashburn Shooting Stars softball teams. Drew, whose daughter also played softball, was the coach of the Shooting Stars Black, a 14-and-under team for girls. The Shooting Stars are the traveling teams in the Ashburn Girls Softball League (AGSL).

He turned himself in to authorities the night of Tuesday, May 30, 2006, and was later released under his own recognizance by a Loudoun County magistrate. Magistrates are appointed by Circuit Court judges and serve to give an independent review of issues brought to the office by authorities and citizens.

By pleading guilty Drew acknowledged that he would not have the opportunity to confront any witnesses in the case and that he had reviewed all of the evidence in the case against him.

As part of his sentence, Drew is also required to pay restitution to the Ashburn Girls Softball League in the amount of $5,839.73, the amount remaining after Drew's previous payments to the league, said assistant commonwealth's attorney Sean Morgan. If Drew pays the restitution before his sentencing the court has agreed to sentence him within the state's sentencing guidelines.

— Erika Jacobson