Not Just a Mustache

Not Just a Mustache

Fu Manchu plays at Jaxx March 24.

Promoting the release of its most recent album, "We Must Obey," Fu Manchu tears into Jaxx Saturday, March 24. An originator of the "desert rock" sound, mixing 70s classic rock with a punk and influencing bands such as Wolfmother, Early Man, The Sword, and Priestess, Fu Manchu has toured with bands such as Social Distortion, Motorhead, Monster Magnet, and Clutch. Recently, vocalist and guitarist Scott Hill sat down and answered some questions about the upcoming performance.

Introduce the band: Scott Hill, vocals, guitar; Scott Reeder, drums; Brad Davis, bass; Bob Balch, lead guitar.

How did you form the band? Just got friends together who wanted to play loud music.

Describe your sound: Loud, fuzzy, aggressive, tweaked. Rock.

Biggest musical influences: Black Flag.

Other influences: Sci-fi, bad teenage party movies, the beach, Bigfoot.

Where have you toured? We have been lucky enough to have toured around the world many times.

Anything special about the upcoming show? Every show is special.

Future plans: Touring and putting out records. Immediate plans are to tour Europe after the States.

— Lea Mae Rice