Teen is Indicted on Robbery Charges

Teen is Indicted on Robbery Charges

A 15-year-old Chantilly boy has been indicted by the grand jury on robbery charges and is scheduled to enter pleas next month in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

His alleged partner in crime — a 14-year-old boy from Centreville — is slated to appear in Juvenile and Domestic Relations (J & DR) Court later this month. Because they're juveniles, Centre View is not revealing their identities.

FAIRFAX COUNTY police believe both teens were responsible for the robbery and attempted robbery of delivery people from two, different, Chinese-food restaurants in Centreville.

They arrested the Chantilly boy, March 20, and the Centreville boy, the next day. Each was charged with two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and one count each of robbery and attempted robbery.

Police Det. Gary Bailey explained the cases against them in a March 20 affidavit for a warrant to seek possible evidence in the Chantilly teen's home. Both crimes occurred in Centreville's Fair Crest community.

According to Bailey, on March 4, around 8 p.m., someone phoned in an order to Peking Express, giving a delivery address in the 5300 block of Rosemallow Circle. But when a 40-year-old Fairfax woman delivered the food, wrote the detective, a gun-wielding male approached her from the back of the home, demanded money and fled with $10 and the food.

A similar incident occurred March 9. Someone ordered food, around 10 p.m., from Charlie Chiang's restaurant, giving a delivery address of 13570 Lavender Mist Lane. When the 36-year-old Manassas man delivering the food arrived, a male flagged him down.

"The victim stopped his vehicle, thinking someone needed help," wrote Bailey. "When [he] rolled down his window to speak with the subject, he noticed another masked male approach with a handgun displayed." But the plot was foiled when another vehicle approached, and the suspects fled empty-handed.

On April 9 in J & DR Court, the firearms charges against the 15-year-old were dropped, but the robbery offenses were sent to the grand jury — which indicted him, April 16. He's slated to plea in June.