Smoking Banned at RA Facilities

Smoking Banned at RA Facilities

Reston Association board of directors decided last week on Thursday night to prohibit smoking within all RA community buildings. Smoking is also banned at all pools, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, ballfields, multi-purpose courts, garden plots or garden plot areas and on tot-lots or tot-lot areas. The ban extends to a 25-foot perimeter around the building and facilities, if that perimeter is on RA property.

Director of Parks and Recreation for Reston Association, Larry Butler, said that prohibition of smoking in and around some RA facilities is longtime overdue. "Facilities where we ask people to come for activities and exercise" should be smoke-free, said Butler. The ban, however, does not extend to the pathways, in large reason because that would be difficult to enforce. South Lakes district director Kathleen Driscoll McKee asked how the ban would be enforced in other areas.

"It will be easy at the pools and tennis courts, because they have fences," said Butler. He said signs will be posted in certain areas, while other places, such as ballparks, would probably be self-enforced. According to Butler, parents and community members would stop others from smoking at baseball and soccer games.