Teacher Put on Leave

Teacher Put on Leave



Full-time reading specialist Mary Ann Livoti, 56, of Hamilton, was arrested Thursday, Nov. 1, after a student in her class at Sterling Middle alerted school officials that she may been drinking, according to the Sheriff's Office. Livoti was charged with drunk in public with additional charges still possible, said Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

TROXELL SAID that around 11 a.m. Thursday, a student in the class alerted a dean who in turn notified the principal who then contacted the School Resource Officer. The SRO, who is a county deputy, performed a sobriety test on Livoti and then placed her in custody. Troxell said he could not release Livoti's blood alcohol level as registered by the breathalyzer.

"We are reviewing the case with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office," Troxell said. "She is a teacher and there were children in her custody. We're reviewing to see if there should be more charges."

The drunk in public charge is a misdemeanor, which is typically punishable by time served and a fine. Livoti, Troxell said, was held in custody until she was sober.

Troxell said the Sheriff's Office is still investigating whether Livoti had arrived at work under the influence or if she may have been drinking while at the school.

"SHE HAS BEEN placed on paid administrative leave," Wayde Byard, spokesman for the Loudoun County Public Schools, said. "It's paid leave until the case is resolved through the courts."

At no time were any students in any danger due to Livoti's alleged behavior.

"There was no perp walk. The principal handled it very discreetly," Byard said. A letter was to be sent home for parents Friday explaining the situation.

He said he could not comment as to whether there had been any complaints about or disciplinary problems with Livoti in the past.

Livoti, Byard said, worked for the school system in 1978-82 then returned to teaching for the county schools in 1998. She has been at Sterling Middle School since September 2000.