2007 Accomplishments Summary Approved

2007 Accomplishments Summary Approved


Flags of the United States, Virginia and Herndon wave in front of the Town’s Municipal Center.

The completion of the Herndon Community Center renovations and Runnymede Park improvements are among the accomplishments listed in the Fiscal Year 2007 Town of Herndon Annual Report.

The Town Council approved the report at its regular public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Council members lauded the report.

"It’s an excellent job in summarizing an excellent job," said Vice Mayor Dennis Husch.

Harlon Reece said the summary is a report card to the citizens of Herndon.

One of the accomplishments highlighted in the report is improving the protection of the town’s neighborhoods through the community inspection team. The Town Attorney has filed seven civil overcrowding injunction suits and supported 16 criminal overcrowding cases, according to the report.

As far as public safety is concerned, 35,000 calls for service were placed to the town’s Police Department, which averaged 2.5 minutes to respond to an emergency call.

The report is available online at http://herndon-va.gov.