Suspended Jail Sentence

Suspended Jail Sentence

Originally charged with two felonies, a Centreville woman received a six-month, suspended jail sentence last week on a reduced charge. She is Emilia V. Bonilla, of 14714 Wycombe St. in the London Towne community.

FAIRFAX COUNTY police believed that Bonilla — a former employee at a doctor's office — entered that office illegally and stole a computer and skin-care products.

Burglary Det. A.D. Allen detailed the case against her in an Aug. 16 affidavit for a warrant to search her home for possible evidence. Centre View is not revealing the doctor's name since he's a victim.

On Aug. 6, police Pfc. Michael Allen responded to a report of a larceny at a doctor's office in Fairfax. Office manager Brandon Hoffman said that, when he arrived at work that day, he discovered the office's laptop computer was missing. There was no forced entry into the office.

Two days later, Hoffman noticed a large amount of skin products totaling $3,025 — and usually kept on hand in the office for sale — were also missing. Then on Aug. 15, police learned that an access card issued to Bonilla was used to enter the building Sunday, Aug. 5, at 10:53 a.m.

She used to work at the doctor's front desk and, as an employee, she'd been issued an access card. But when she stopped coming to work, about a year ago, no one revoked her card.

POLICE CHARGED Bonilla with burglary and grand larceny and, during a search of her home, Aug. 16, they seized several skin-care products — many of which matched the types taken from the doctor's office.

She appeared last Tuesday, Oct. 23, in General District Court and, at that time, her burglary charge was dropped. The grand larceny was reduced to petit larceny, and Judge Donald McDonough found Bonilla guilty. He then sentenced her to 180 days in jail, suspending all that time.