Dining Options Keep Growing

Dining Options Keep Growing

More restaurants choosing to locate in Reston Town Center


The American Tap Room offers a business-professional dining atmosphere.

Reston’s Town Center offers diverse dining accommodations — a little bit of everything for anyone. With the addition of a new restaurant last week and one more on the way in September, there is a trend of more dining places in the town center.

Currently, 18 restaurants or cafes occupy the town center and Jackson’s Mighty Fine Foods & Lucky Lounge will join them this September.

Lauren Saldon from Great American Restaurants, the company owning Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food, said this growing trend is positive and good for all businesses.

“Reston is a great community and the Reston Town Center is one of the best developments in the country,” said Saldon. “With the mix of office, retail and living space, we are honored to be one its newest restaurants and neighbors.”

Jackson’s menu will offer the best from Coastal Flats, along with twists like sushi, fresh hand cut fries, prime rib, and macaroni and cheese. Saldon said the Lucky Lounge will be ideal for any occasion and something new for guests in Reston’s Town Center.

When the American Tap Room held its grand opening on the first of the month, it drew in large numbers, but restaurants such as Uno’s and Clyde’s still appeared to have normal sized Tuesday night crowds.

Out of the 18 dining options, seven are American-style, five are small cafés, three are Asian-cuisine, two are Italian, and one Mexican restaurant.

There are two main customer groups in Reston’s Town Center — business employees and local residents. Many of those people overlap as well. John Linderman, director of operations of the American Tap Room, says his business appeals to both crowds.

“We are trying to attract a business crowd during the lunch hours,” said Linderman. “And then go towards the local resident for dinner at night. We offer a relaxing atmosphere that is comfortable to everyone.”

Linderman said the Fourth of July offered great business, even with people going out of town.

Peter Otteni of Boston Properties, one of the major developers in the town center, says the market is open for new restaurants.

“Our impression is that there is enough room in the Reston market for additional dining offerings,” Otteni said.

“Assuming that the restaurants are complementary to what exists and they offer a quality of food at good prices, they can survive.”

After Jackson’s opening in September, three other restaurants will open this fall.

“We have a pretty healthy demand for restaurants in Reston,” Otteni said. “We are confident they can all have success.”