Over 100 Divers Compete At Annual 3-Meter Championship

Over 100 Divers Compete At Annual 3-Meter Championship

Coonce top Arlington finisher with fifth place showing.

On July 13, 109 divers from across the region competed in the Northern Virginia Diving League within the NVSL during the 41st Annual Wally Martin 3-Meter Championship. The divers represented 31 of the league’s 47 pools from across Fairfax and Arlington Counties, and the cities of Falls Church and Alexandria.

“We are particularly indebted to Lee Graham for hosting the meet,” said Tony Taylor, the second vice president of NVSL-Dive. “The LG pool is an ideal site for this meet with an outstanding diving environment, ample space for spectators and a comfortable snack bar area. The league really appreciates the LG board's willingness to host the 2008 meet.”

The meet was the only 3-meter competition of the NVSL-Season and has a tradition of encouraging divers to test their skills from the “high dive.”

The meet is named in honor of Wally Martin, who was the dive coach at Tuckahoe, in McLean. Martin was one of the leaders who brought diving to the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) in 1961. The NVSL originated in 1955 and included only swimming. Through the efforts of Wally Martin, diving was introduced and has since evolved to the level of participation we know today.

Divers, ranging in ages from 8 to 18, competed in four different age groups, each of which does a different number of dives. The seniors (ages 15-18) completed six dives, the intermediates (13-14) did five dives, while the juniors (11-12) attempted four and the freshmen (10-and-under) dove three times.

The 2008 Wally Martin 3-Meter champions in each age group in the senior girls was

Kim Pilka, from Great Falls with 219.30 points, while Trevor Michalak, Ilda Community, Annandale had 238.95 points.

The intermediate girls champion was Maggie Cullather, Camelot Community Club, Annandale (170.67 points), while the intermediate boys winner was Nathan Michalak, Ilda Community, Annandale (138.65 points).

The junior girls first-place winner was Allison Stickel from Vienna Woods (135.12 points), and the junior boys title holder belonged to Alex Daloane of Truro Homes Association, Annandale (102.09 points).

The youngest winners included Teal Schuppin from Fairfax Station (70.62 points) and freshman boys first-place finisher Tucker Smith of Lee Graham in Falls Church (93.18 points).

Past champions of this meet include U.S. Olympian and the University of Texas Dive Coach, Matt Scoggins (Great Falls), 1996 Olympic Trials Qualifier Kristin Link (Parliament), and 2004 Olympic Trials Qualifier Andrew Bradley (Sideburn Run), and 2004 and 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier Mary Yarrison (Springfield).

Wally Martin 3-METER Diving Results

Freshman Girls

1. Teal Schuppin (Fairfax Station, Fairfax Station) 70.62

2. Evelyn Gray (Highlands Swim, McLean) 67.92

3. Madison Fletcher (Hamlet Swim Club, McLean) 66.30

4. Hailie Fisher (Mansion House, Alexandria) 66.18

5. Jillian Gross (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 60.66

6. Stephanie Chewning (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 60.54

7. Skyla Davidson (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 56.85

8. Phoebe Cooper (Truro, Annandale) 51.33

9. Deborah Shaffer (Fairfax, Fairfax) 43.68

10. Hannah Hiscott (Lee Graham, Falls Church) 43.26

<b>11. Isabelle Grant (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 40.35</b>

12. Baylee Deivert (Fairfax, Fairfax) 38.85

<b>13. Kelly Currle (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 37.98</b>

14. Emma Belger (Pinecrest, Herndon) 32.85

<b>15. Nicole Blake (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 31.65</b>

16. Emily Deivert (Fairfax, Fairfax) 24.60

17. Madison Finn (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 21.45

Freshman Boys

1. Tucker Smith (Lee Graham, Falls Church) 93.18

2. Christopher Toomey (Orange Hunt, Springfield) 87.09

3. Matt Fitzgerald (Chesterbrook, McLean) 74.19

4. Conor Casey (Camelot Community Club, Annandale) 73.26

5. Alex Brady (Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, Falls Church) 71.82

6. Nicholas Landau (Orange Hunt, Springfield) 56.16

7. Charlie Tiene (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 54.12

8. Aidan Jones (Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, Falls Church) 49.71

9. CJ Wilson (Hayfield, Alexandria) 45.69

10. Seth Larson (Walden Glen, Springfield) 43.02

11. Mac Richard (Fairfax, Fairfax) 37.95

<b>12. Alex Eng (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 35.82</b>

13. Sam Freeman (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 28.06

14. Ben Beatty (Walden Glen, Springfield) 27.30

15. Tyler Hazard (Fairfax Station, Fairfax Station) 25.05

16. Wyatt Brooks (Fairfax Station, Fairfax Station) 16.05

Junior Girls

1. Alison Stickel (Vienna Woods, Vienna) 135.12

2. Elena Bavolack (Lee Graham, Falls Church) 108.00

3. Jill Stickel (Vienna Woods, Vienna) 103.38

4. Anise Muir (Hayfield, Alexandria) 99.99

5. Sydney Shelton (Cardinal Hill, Vienna) 95.19

6. Elena Soule (Truro, Annandale) 95.09

7. Sonia Lunn (Donaldson Run, Arlington) 94.80</b>

8. Callan Monette (Truro, Annandale) 92.52

9. Erin Cullather (Camelot Community Club, Annandale) 90.51

10. Kaylee She (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 86.34

11. Rebecca Shelton (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 84.48

12. Tahira Taulout (Tuckahoe, McLean) 80.76

13. Vivian Ross (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 79.20

14. Jennifer Scott (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 75.90

15. MacKenzie Schuler (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 72.54

Junior Boys

1. Alex Daloane (Truro, Annandale) 102.09

2. Declan Casey (Camelot Community Club, Annandale) 101.46

3. Patrick Hardtke (Pinecrest, Herndon) 92.79

4. Scott Sawicki (Highlands Swim, McLean) 87.69

5. Luke Walters (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 80.40

6. Tyler Hall (Ravensworth Farm, Springfield) 77.70

7. Jordan Biskaduros (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 74.73

8. Joe McDonnell (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 73.35

9. Andrew Pascual (Fairfax Station, Fairfax Station) 72.03

10. Aidan Brady (Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, Falls Church) 66.21

<b>11. Noah Kennedy (Arlington Forest, Arlington) 61.05</b>

Intermediate Girls

1. Maggie Cullather (Camelot Community Club, Annandale) 170.67

2. Kelly Corish (Dunn Loring, Vienna) 169.14

3. Cameron Hancock (Highlands Swim, McLean) 150.42

4. Heather Magill (Pinecrest, Herndon) 150.00

5. Paige Blennerhassett (Ravensworth Farm, Springfield) 149.88

6. Samantha Eldridge (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 147.03

7. Elizabeth White (Parliament, Springfield) 145.68

8. Katherine VanWinkle (Dunn Loring, Vienna) 144.99

9. Emily Saitta (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 136.80

10. Kelly Kalkus (Hayfield, Alexandria) 133.50

11. Abby Neuberger (Highlands Swim, McLean) 128.49

12. Christina Salazar (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 94.74

13. Marissa Johnson (Rolling Hills, Springfield) 81.63

14. Savannah Harman (Lee Graham, Falls Church) 73.29

Intermediate Boys

1. Nathan Michalak (Ilda Community, Annandale) 138.69

2. Danny Rabe (Walden Glen, Springfield) 135.63

3. Joseph LeBerre (Pinecrest, Herndon) 130.14

4. Tommy Driver (Dunn Loring, Vienna) 123.39

5. Sean Ryan (Dunn Loring, Vienna) 120.12

6. John McCollom (Ravensworth Farm, Springfield) 114.48

7. Louis Litchford (Stratford, Alexandria) 104.16

8. Jack Beatty (Walden Glen, Springfield) 97.95

<b>9. Riley Hotham (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 76.29</b>

<b>10. Coleman Smith (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 68.88</b>

11. Robbie Pratt (Pinecrest, Herndon) 68.04

Senior Girls

1. Kim Pilka (Great Falls, Great Falls) 219.30

2. Kelli Stockton (Fairfax, Fairfax) 216.51

3. Andrea Sawchuk (Great Falls, Great Falls) 197.31

4. Heather Michalak (Ilda Community, Annandale) 190.35

5. England Barimo (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 185.61

6. Kelly Lloyd (Vienna Woods, Vienna) 174.78

7. Laura Gartrell (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 174.30

8. Alexa McCarthy (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 162.54

<b>9. Anna Christopher (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 136.71</b>

10. Linda Womack (Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, Falls Church) 90.99

Senior Boys

1. Trevor Michalak (Ilda Community, Annandale) 238.95

2. Zach Patteson (Fairfax, Fairfax) 221.73

3. Frank Burdell (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 204.00

4. Martin Brown (Chesterbrook, McLean) 203.22

<b>5. Brian Coonce (Donaldson Run, Arlington) 186.30</b>

6. Brendan Terhune (Truro, Annandale) 162.60

7. Brian O Connell (Greenbriar, Fairfax) 161.22

8. Ethan Paster (Fairfax, Fairfax) 140.61

9. Josiah Reisinger (Sideburn Run, Fairfax) 126.42

10. Bobby Horton (Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, Falls Church) 120.60

11. Troy Chewning (Old Keene Mill, Springfield) 119.07

12. Riley Hope (Fairfax, Fairfax) 111.54

<b>13. Daniel Edwards (Dominion Hills, Arlington) 91.95