Sandburg Middle School Math Counts

Sandburg Middle School Math Counts


(From left to right): Mrs. Simon, coach; Peter Town, Elliot Simon, Dylan Keightley, and Sarah Munyan.

Carl Sandburg Middle School’s first-place District Math Counts team went on to the state competition in Richmond on March 15 and placed fourth in the state. Team members included Dylan Keightley, Sarah Munyan, Elliot Simon and Peter Town, each of whom took home individual awards.

Congratulations to Francisco Nolasco who was named as a semifinalist eligible to compete in the 2008 Virginia Geographic Bee at Shenandoah University on Friday, April 4. Francisco, after winning the school competition, took a qualifying test to advance to the state competition. The students with the top 100 scores within their state were invited to compete at the state level.