Wolftrap Performs`Eco-Musical’ on Chesapeake Bay

Wolftrap Performs`Eco-Musical’ on Chesapeake Bay

Sixth-graders at Wolftrap Elementary School last week performed "Chesapeake," an original musical co-written by Wolftrap teacher Ellen Collins and Linda White, music specialist at Haycock Elementary School.

In addition to the acting and singing roles in "Chesapeake," the sixth-graders have been busy for the past two months creating sets, costumes, stage props, promotional materials, and museum `artifacts,’ as the production includes an adjunct `museum’ exploring the ecosystem and history of the Bay.

The play unfolds at fictional Camp Conowingo, a co-ed camp on the Chesapeake Bay where campers are learning about estuaries, bird-watching, oyster-gardening and Bay history.

The Wolftrap sixth-graders went on a field trip to the Chesapeake Maritime Museum in St. Michael’s, MD in April to help them prepare for the production.