Matdogs Raise the Bar for Years to Come

Matdogs Raise the Bar for Years to Come

SYA Matdogs finish second in Capital Area Wrestling League.


The SYA Matdogs

The SYA Matdogs, a local youth travel wrestling team, once again raised the bar to new heights in the highly competitive Capital Area Wrestling League (CAWL). The Matdogs, in their sixth season pinned their way to a 13-1 finish, taking second place in the top league of the VA/MD region. The Matdogs, who build themselves using local community wrestlers, have become one of the major feeder programs for Northern Virginia high school wrestling programs. The team placed top three in numerous tournaments throughout the state of Virginia as well as in Maryland. The team consisted of 40 wrestlers this year with most placing and or winning many major championships including regional and national level tournaments across the metropolitan area as well as throughout the east coast. The team prides itself on building and promoting wrestling in the Northern Virginia region.