Seminary Valley

Seminary Valley

The Brookville Seminary Valley Civic Association awarded $1250 in Community Grants for 2008. The grant money was divided among the following applicants.

James K. Polk Elementary School for signs for its Bullying Prevention Program to communicate to the community and reinforce to students the character expectations of Polk School,

Friends of the Alexandria Mental Health Center for gym equipment to enable Alexandrians with mental illnesses to live healthier lives as a part of their rehabilitative services,

Hammond Middle School for electronic equipment for its early morning game show designed to engage students in learning immediately upon their arrival at school and send them to class ready and receptive to learning,

Hammond Middle School for its after-school woodworking club designed to engage students in constructive after school activities, keep them off of the streets and out of unsupervised homes, allow them to work with their hands, and teach them entrepreneurial skills, as they sell their products to further fund the club,

Woodbine Nursing Home Residents Council to help enable more elderly and needy residents to participate in community outings organized by the Resident Council and volunteers, and

SCAN of Northern Virginia for a large rocker for their playgroups and classes which help parents to bond with their young children and thus help prevent child abuse.

Applications for our 2009 Community Grant Awards will be accepted between January and March of 2009 and are available at