TAPS Easter Express


Families board the buses waiting in Potomac Yard for a ride to Washington for lunch and the White House Easter Egg Roll.


Gabriella and her Easter satchel waits for her mom to lock up the car.


The Alexanders take hands and head for the buses.

Three buses parked at the edge of the lot next to the Regal Theatres in Potomac Yard waited for a few special passengers. One by one cars pulled up and children emerged from the seats dressed in their Easter finery. Together with their parents they boarded the buses as part of a special outing put together by Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). The children shared a common fate of all having lost one parent serving in the military in Afghanistan or Iraq.

TAPS made arrangements with the White House and obtained 100 tickets to Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll. The children and parents first were taken to the Four Seasons Hotel for lunch and then to the White House for the activities on the lawn.