Demographics: Numbers Tell the Tale

Demographics: Numbers Tell the Tale

<bt>In 1990, Centreville was home to 26,585 people, and Chantilly had 29,337 residents. Now, 19 years later, Centreville boasts more than 62,000 residents and Chantilly has more than 19,000. There are also about 38,000 residents of the 22033 ZIP Code — Greenbriar, Fair Oaks and Fair Lakes. And the other communities bearing Clifton's 20124 ZIP Code contain more than 14,000 people.

When the 2000 census revealed that the Sully District had more than 146,000 inhabitants — more people than any of the other nine magisterial districts in Fairfax County — it had to redistrict. Doing so reduced Sully's population to 108,712, but a continual influx of new residents into the area increased it again to 115,421 people by 2004 and more than 125,000 people now. County projections estimate Sully to have 136,990 people by 2020.

And based on 2007 estimates, the county’s Department of Systems Management for Human Services estimates that, by 2020, Centreville will be home to 67,850 people; Chantilly, 22,935; Greenbriar, Fair Oaks and Fair Lakes, 50,442; and Clifton’s 20124 ZIP Code, 13,906 people.

Along with the area's fast-paced residential and commercial growth have come more roads, more schools and more things to do. That's why this area is such an exciting and dynamic place to be. The National Air and Space Museum Annex (Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center); western Fairfax's first-ever recreation center, the Cub Run Rec Center; the Sully Woodlands area for both passive and active recreation; new shopping centers such as East Market and Fairfax Corner; businesses and restaurants are just a few of the many things that residents here enjoy.