Performing at Jazz Dance World Congress

Dancin' Unlimited, Northern Virginia-based jazz dance company, is a finalist and one of only 14 jazz dance companies in the world invited to perform at the Jazz Dance World Congress July 22-26 in Chicago. The group will perform its new contemporary jazz dance work, Visions, for consideration for one of the top three award spots and major performance recognition at the Jazz Dance Choreography Competitive Event. Choreographed by Artistic Director Marilyn York, Visions is one dancer's lucid dream, where as she passes through her dressing room mirror, her friends from past and present whirl around her, each helping or hindering her unconscious journey. The dancers circle, lift, mimic and carry her. She gets caught in a frenzy of twirling sweeping phrases. At the end, she passes back through her mirror to awaken with a start, and wonder whether it was real or just a dream. Dancin' Unlimited is also the host dance company for Northern Virginia's annual Jazz and Tap Dance Festival, which celebrated its 23rd consecutive season.