Louise Archer Elementary School

Louise Archer Elementary School

Selection of poetry, essays from Kathy Porterfield’s fifth grade; Terri Connell’s fourth grade and Sara Harper’s third grade classes.

<b> Home, Where the Heart Is</b>

No matter where you go,

No matter where you fight.

There will always be,

A single burning light.

Your light is being guarded.

Even through the night,

By someone who still misses you,

But hopes you stopped the fight.

You long,

They long,

To return home,

Just for a night.


Where the heart is.

<b> — Perry Feng, Grade Five</b>

<b> Santa’s Ride</b>

Ho, ho, ho, and down you go!

Down through the chimney to the fireplace below.

Ho, ho, ho and now you go!

Past the room where the children sleep.

Ho, ho, ho and then you go!

Tip toe, tip toe don’t trip, tip toe,

To the big room with big green tree.

To put down the gifts wrapped all nice and neat

Under the tree for children who sleep.

Then, ho, ho, ho and back you go!

Tiptoe, tiptoe

And back you go

Past the room where the children sleep.

Ho, ho, ho and up you go!

Right up the chimney

And smile for you know

What the children will say

"Oh, oh, oh"

Ho, ho, ho and away you go!

‘Till next year.

Where will you go?

<1b> — Rachel James, Grade Five

<sh> Winter Blanket

<bt> Snow is delicately dancing down from the heavens,

Each flake unique.

It’s coating everything in a light blanket of powdered sugar,

Making the world beautiful in a coat of white.

<b> — Alyssa Mancebo, Grade Five</b>

<b> My Holiday Wishes</b>

My holiday wishes include world peace, for the economy to go up and the new president to make our country a better place.

World peace means no wars, and less crime. It isn’t just for the U.S.A. but all around the world! Everyone can have world peace! For example, in the U.S.A. we have troops in Iraq. We want them to come back to the U.S.A.

The new president, Barrack Obama, is the first African-American president in the U.S.A. He is probably going to make the U.S.A. a better place; bringing an end to the war and helping improve the economy. I think he will make a good president.

The economy going up is another wish. Many families have or own businesses, where it is getting harder to pay taxes and employees.

These are my holiday wishes and I hope they come true.

<b> — Alden Wagner, Grade Four</b>

<b> Fall</b>

The cold wind blows the red leaves fall slowly

Halloween and Thanksgiving are soon coming

Fall sports start the migrating birds come back

Home people are raking leaves and shaking trees

<b> — Rachel Jackson, Grade Three</b>

<b> One Fall Day</b>

Leaves slowly turn colors, when they fall to the ground.

Then people rake the leaves into piles, then joyfully jump into the pile, then sadly have to go in their houses. They eat dinner, they want to go out again, but have to go to bed.

The next day the pile of leaves is gone.

They wonder, they ask neighbors, no one knows where the leaves went.

<b> — Andrew Hanner, Grade Three</b>