Taylor Run

Taylor Run


Erica Kicak-Vanderhoeven


Taylor Run Civic Association elected these officers at the annual meeting.

President: Robert Delgado

VP for Park Cleanup: Gail Turner

VP for Membership: Gretchen Littlefield

Secretary: Lisa Beyer Scanlon

Treasurer: Ryan Donmoyer

Executive Committee: Jesi Carlson, John Chapman, Michael Cook, Jay Kennedy, Nicole Liffrig-Molfe, Kevin Posey, Anthony Saler, Chad Sarchio, Sean Spicer, Paul Stilp, Erin Streeter.


TRCA continued its tradition of awarding scholarships to neighborhood students.

Evan Metz will go to the University of Virginia.

Jessica Raugitinane will go to the University of Connecticut to study elementary education. She will earn a BA and an MA in five years.

Only four civic associations in Alexandria award scholarships. We do not choose the recipients; that is done by an anonymous committee from the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.


Erica Kicak-Vanderhoeven leaves T.C. Williams in a blaze of academic glory, with a Dean's Scholarship to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla., the Patrick Welch AP English award, the Latin 5 award, and an award for excellence in choir. She also plays the viola, says her grandmother, the source of this information, and is doing a six-week internship at the Gazette-Packet.

<1b>— Lois Kelso Hunt