Viewpoints: Best Part of Living in Great Falls

Viewpoints: Best Part of Living in Great Falls

What is the best part of living in Great Falls?


Ginny Sinclair


Nancy Needleman


Randy Custer


Francois Haeringer

<b>Ginny Sinclair,</b> owner of Grandmother’s Back Room, 42-Year resident of Great Falls

"The best part about living in Great Falls is the democratic nature of Great Falls as a village now, where everyone tends to speak to everyone else. The whole community is friendly and safe. I love the fact that there is so much to do in Great Falls. Just last week, I sponsored one of the weekly music shows on the Village Green. There were kids running around, parents mingling with one another, and I even put out some of the racks of children’s clothing for the community to enjoy. There is always something to do in the Great Falls community. There are the fireworks every year, the Citizens Association, Great Falls Friends and many more groups that you can join to meet people in the community. The only thing I would like to tell newcomers is to start using your community. Go to shops, meet the people, try the restaurants because that’s truly what keeps this community going."

<b>Nancy Needleman,</b> Great Falls homeowner, resident since 1980

"I picked Great Falls because of the nature, the trees, just the basic beauty of Great Falls. The Historical Society has done a great job of maintaining the integrity of the original Great Falls scene. I love Great Falls because of the people. The people in Great Falls are very polite, sophisticated and patriotic, which makes a big contribution to the warm welcoming feeling you feel as a newcomer. For all newcomers, I would say start volunteering in your community. There is always some sort of organization in Great Falls that needs help. Look in the newspaper every week, or through a church organization, they are always looking for some new fresh faces to help them out with some sort of project. Also, take advantage of the great restaurants and business that are here in the Great Falls Village. This is truly a very safe community, where everyone is welcomed. Welcome, and enjoy newcomers."

<b>Randy Custer,</b> veterinarian at Georgetown Pike Veterinarian Clinic, vusiness owner in Great Falls for 25 Years

"I really have enjoyed the small town atmosphere that this community has to offer. You’re always meeting new people or see someone you know everyday just walking around. The semi-rural character of the community is what has truly captivated me. The people in Great Falls have become very supportive of the local business. I myself have followed Dante’s Restaurant since I’ve worked here in Great Falls. I feel as if this community is one of the safest here because everyone watches out for everyone else, which is something you wouldn’t get anywhere else. To the newcomers, meet your neighbors, get involved with the Great Falls Citizen Association and become aware of what this town truly has to offer for you and your families."

<b>Francois Haeringer,</b> founder of L'Auberge Chez François a French country restaurant, resident since 1975

"I personally feel as if I’m responsible for putting Great Falls on the map. When I first arrived here in Great Falls, there were two gas stations and one small store. No Safeway, no banks, it was pure country when I first arrived. I believe that the small town country atmosphere is what has made Great Falls such a grown up and matured community. Although I am not able to participate in many things in Great Falls, my restaurant hosts meetings for many groups in Great Falls, and those groups just get larger and larger each year. Along with holding meetings here, we have had the joy of seeing community members get married here and have held many private parties, which has allowed us to get to know the people here in this town. Great Falls has become a nice community, and each person needs a nice community to build a family, which is what Great Falls has to offer. My one true girlfriend however is my restaurant. I raised my three children here and they have all become part of this place, which is why I love Great Falls."

<b>— Jordan Clark</b>