Patriot District Boys Basketball Honors

<b>2008-09 Patriot District Boys Basketball Honors</b>

<i>Coach of the Year -- Julian King -- T.C. Williams</i>

<i>Co-Player of the Year -- Edward Jenkins -- T.C. Williams</i>

<i>Co-Player of the Year -- Dominic Morra -- Lake Braddock</i>

<b>First Team</b>

Edward Jenkins -- T.C. Williams

Dominic Morra -- Lake Braddock

Frank Holloway Jr. -- Lee

Ryan Yates -- T.C. Williams

Allen Stalp -- Annandale

T.J. Wilson -- Hayfield

<b>Second Team</b>

Billy Rowland -- T.C. Williams

Laurent Newsome -- Hayfield

Tayron Gibson -- Hayfield

Chad Canady -- Hayfield

Walter Griffin -- Lee

<i>The Connection realizes that this list does not include every All-District selection. If you have a complete list -- which has not yet been provided -- please send an email to jmackey@connectionnewspapers.com.</i>