School Notes, March 19-25

The Sunrise Valley Elementary Green Team has received a Johnnie Forte, Jr., Memorial Grant to support the school’s butterfly garden. The Green Team, a sixth grade leadership team, will use the funds to purchase a composter to recycle leaves and grass clippings gathered at the school. Once it is ready, the compost produced by the recycling will enrich the soil of the butterfly garden. The garden is available to all Sunrise Valley classes as they study science and stewardship of the environment. Contact principal Elizabeth English at 703-715-3800 or elizabeth.english@fcps.edu.

Students at Terraset Elementary are collaborating to create tutorials for other students to use. Working in pairs, the students select a topic, create a storyboard and a script, and use the SMART BoardTM recorder to capture their actions and their voices. Teachers post the tutorials on their FCPS 24-7 Learning sites to use for unit or Standards of Learning (SOL) test review. Students also work with teachers from other grade levels so that the older students make videos for the younger ones. Videos can be seen at www.fcps.edu/TerrasetES. Contact principal Ellen Cury at 703-390-5600 or ellen.cury@fcps.edu or news liaison Heather Dix at heather.dix@fcps.edu.