What is this word that gives our hearts a special thrill?

Intangible as wind across the desert plain,

Yet so inherent in our being, none can kill

The flame that burns within us o’er and o’er again;

That guards the right we hold to call our lives our own,

The right to dream, to work to make dreams be.

The still, small voice that whispers in our beating breasts,

That will not silenced be until we’re free.


How can we best describe this word to half the world

That cannot know the measure of its grace?

For those whom tyranny has tried to still the voice,

And put a shallow symbol in its place.

That has no depth, no meaning save a world of hate,

And preaches overthrow of God and men,

That bows to idols clothed in blood of those it’s slain,

And has a common brotherhood with sin.


I lift its lamp to those of us who worthy be,

Who willingly would fight to save its worth,

For those who realize that should we fail,

A darkness would envelop all the earth.

There is no light to equal that of freedom’s rays,

No sun, no moon, no stars to match its shine.

So we must guard this precious light for all the world,

Until it shines anew for all mankind!

In Celebration of the Signing of the Constitution