Boutiques Abound in Old Town

Boutiques Abound in Old Town

Shops offer everything from retro to trendy to modern.


<lst>125 South Fairfax Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Hysteria is a trendy clothing boutique for women in their 20s and older. Alicia McCaslin, Hysteria’s buyer and manager, described the clothes as contemporary and stylish, "mostly everyday fun clothing." Women can find designer outfits and accessories for weddings, parties and graduations. McCaslin said Hysteria takes pride in customer service. "It’s like a home, we offer a glass of water, we get to know our clients," said McCaslin. The walls at Hysteria are splashed with a funky lime green giving Hysteria a fun city feel.

<ro>The Shoe Hive

<lst>127 South Fairfax Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>The Shoe Hive serves up a frenzy of designer shoes from famous designers such as Bettye Muller and Butter. "We have a wide variety of prices," said owner Elizabeth Todd. "That’s something that people are pleasantly surprised at." Todd said prices range from under $100 to over $300, giving customers a wide variety of shoes to choose from. The Shoe Hive also carries designer purses, sunglasses and jewelry. "We try to have things that are different," said Todd.


<lst>116 South Pitt Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Diva specializes in designer consignment clothing, shoes and accessories. Women can also choose from a wide selection of new jewelry. The boutique carries clothing from top designers such as Prada. "We’re very careful about what we take," said owner and CEO of Diva, Cindy McCartney. She said she makes sure that all of the clothes are high quality. Diva is designed in a modern vintage setting with pink walls and three levels. In order to keep the shop male friendly, McCartney keeps two "man chairs" at the front of the store. "We try to make the husbands and boyfriends feel comfortable," she said smiling.

<ro>fibre space

<lst>102 North Fayette Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>fibre space is a colorful boutique for knitters, crocheters and overall creative souls. The shop carries a large selection of yarn with a variety of colors and blends. Individuals who want to learn how to knit or crochet can take lessons at fibre space. Shoppers can also pick up books, magazines and patterns. Danielle Romanetti, owner of fibre space, said she wanted the shop to have an "retro, funky, vibe." fibre space hosts a variety of events such as "yarn tastings" where individuals can test different types of yarn and hang out with fellow yarn fans.

<ro>The Sugar Cube

<lst>210 North Lee Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>"We’re a classic candy shop," said Kim Theodore, co-owner of The Sugar Cube. The Sugar Cube is filled with chocolates, jelly beans, confections, hard candies and many other treats. Theodore started The Sugar Cube with her sister Alyssa in 2006. Kim said they wanted to provide all the nostalgia of childhood and, of course, great candy.

<ro>Apple Seed

<lst>115 South Columbus Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

866.419.5446 or 703.535.5446

<bt>High School friends Dina Igoe and Elleni Vorvis opened Apple Seed four years ago. "Our concept was mom and baby one-stop- shop," said Igoe. Apple Seed provides stylish maternity, transitional and baby clothing as well various baby accessories such as diaper bags and strollers. "We want basically no one to feel like there’s nothing for them," said Igoe. The shop features clothing and photography from a variety of designers, including local Alexandria designers. "We try to be fashion conscious but also price conscious," said Igoe.

<ro>The Christmas Attic

<lst>125 South Union Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

703.548.2829 or 800.881.0084

<bt>Christmas is not just in December or July at the Christmas Attic, it’s all year long. The Christmas Attic has been in business for 40 years and receives visitors from all over the world. "We’ve got generation after generation after generation that come here," said owner Fay Hobbs-Carter. The Christmas Attic has a vast selection of Christmas ornaments and Christmas-related gifts for visitors to choose from. Individuals can also find unique gifts and other non-Christmas related items. The Christmas Attic provides a cozy and fun atmosphere. "We’ve got that whole attic feel," said Hobbs-Carter.

<ro>The Hour

<lst>1015 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Victoria Vergason had so many cocktail glasses she did not know what to do with them, so she opened The Hour, a retro shop filled with all things cocktail. The Hour has a variety of vintage glassware, cocktail accessories and more. Recently she has added ‘50s- and ‘60s-style artwork, jewelry and unique gifts. "I like to tell people the history of cocktails," said Vergason. She said she wants people to have a quality Happy Hour experience. "It really makes a difference if you’re drinking out of a beautiful glass or a paper cup," she said.

<ro>Pink & Brown

<lst>1212 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Pink & Brown is a sweet baby boutique filled with child and environmentally friendly clothes and accessories. "It’s all organic," said owner Lan Le. Pink & Brown carries baby clothing made from materials such as bamboo and modal, a fiber made from beechwood. "Every product we bring in is safe," said Le. Shoppers can find adorable clothes, hats, shoes, toys, furniture and gifts for their little ones. "Everything we carry is unique," said Le.

<ro>La Cuisine

<lst>323 Cameron Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>La Cuisine provides everything a cook might possibly need — from cookware and spices to advice from professionals. "All of us cook all the time and if you ask a question, we know [the answer]," said La Cuisine’s director of marketing and product development Stephanie Gorenflo. La Cuisine has a variety of silverware and cooking equipment to choose from. "We carry the best of the best," said Gorenflo.

<ro>The Little Monogram Shop

<lst>106 1⁄2 North Columbus Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Individuals can have their names sewn into all types of things at the Little Monogram Shop. This small but lively store allows shoppers to monogram family heirlooms, gifts, bags and clothing, among other things. "It’s really one of a kind," said co-owner Tara Leegan. The emphasis is on personalization and individuals at The Little Monogram Shop as the owners strive to create anything a customer may envision. Leegan said she enjoys working with her customers who often come frequently. "You’re getting the history when you meet people," said Anderson.

<ro>Grape and Bean

<lst>118 South Royal Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Individuals looking for wine, coffee and relaxation can enjoy all three at Grape and Bean. The store specializes in wine, coffee and other handmade comforts such as bread and cheese. The cozy dining room setting allows individuals to enjoy food and drink and take what they like home. "We have a really eclectic feel," said Grape and Bean employee Cristina Ramos. She said she enjoys introducing new wines to customers. "We really love serving our lesser-known wines," she said. This month, Grape and Bean will begin giving wine courses; interested individuals can check out the website for more details.

<ro>Lawrence Miller and Company

<lst>121 South Royal Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Lawrence Miller and Company is a silversmith shop that restores priceless antiques and creates various handmade items such as jewelry. The shop’s owner Lawrence Miller can take an old, rusted family heirloom and make it shine. According to its website, Miller has restored items for the British Royal family. "We have people shipping items from all over the world," said manager Emily Anderson. The shop prides itself on the unique ability to help people preserve memories.

<ro>Mystique Jewelers

<lst>211 The Strand

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Mystique Jewelers features modern and sophisticated jewelry. "It’s everyday styles that’s classic," said owner Elizabeth Mandros. Mystique Jewelers has a variety of top designers and a pool of talented local up-and-coming designers. "That’s one of the things I feel is really special about Mystique — is bringing in new designers," said Lisa Nik, a new designer at Mystique Jewelers. Individuals can find all types of unique and unusual designs at Mystique Jewelers.

<ro>Hooray for Books!

<lst>1555 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Hooray for Books!, a children’s bookstore, celebrates both children and reading. The store has a variety of books for children to choose from, including classics like Dr. Seuss and many new titles. Children can also enjoy weekly story hours. Owners Ellen Klein and Trish Brown opened the shop on King Street two years ago. "I love making people happy," said Klein. "A lot of that is matching the person with their books and seeing their eyes light up." On June 19, Hooray for Books will celebrate its second birthday with fun activities for the family from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

<ro>Mint Condition

<lst>114 South Royal Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt> Mint Condition is an fashionable consignment shop that specializes in high-end fashions. "It’s all kind of trendy," said owner Toni Henderson. Mint condition carries designers such as Valentino and was voted the Best Consignment Shop by The Washington Post Express in 2009. The boutique features colorful dresses, skirts, jeans, shoes and other accessories. "You’re not going to find a piece that everyone is wearing," said Henderson.

<ro>Monday’s Child

<lst>218 North Lee Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Monday’s Child specializes in the traditional. "No sneakers, nothing funky, nothing trendy, no jeans, no crocs," said owner Melinda Lynam. Monday’s Child is a charming children’s boutique that specializes in simple, traditional clothing and gifts. "We have the item that’s hard to find, that most moms and grandparents want." Shoppers can find outfits for christenings, weddings and graduations as well as everyday children’s clothes.


<lst>1000 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Bellacara is a sweet smelling cosmetic boutique that provides unique skin care, bath, body and hair care products. "We’re providing something in Old Town that’s not already here," said owner Kim Putens. She and her friend Angela Sitilides opened Bellacara 10 years ago after working various government jobs. Bellacara features brands that are often difficult to find at local department stores.


<lst>924 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Bloomers was created as a sister store to Bellacara. The owners Kim Putens and Angela Sitilides wanted to provide women with classy sleepwear, loungewear and undergarments. Bloomers has a variety of designers and variety of colors to choose from.


<lst>1557 Potomac Greens Drive

Alexandria, VA 22314

703.519. 5242

<bt>Periwinkle is a fashion-conscious women’s boutique. The owner Elizabeth Mason carries styles that are suitable for the workroom and a girl’s night out. Periwinkle has clothes from hard-to-find designers like Anni Kuan. "It don’t go super trendy so that people can’t wear it, I keep it for D.C.," said Mason. Women can get a whole outfit at Periwinkle, including shoes and accessories. "You can do it all in one place," said Mason.


<lst>325 Cameron Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Gossypia is an artsy women’s clothing boutique. The shop contains a variety of wedding gowns, dresses, blouses, skirts and shoes. Gossypia also carries unique jewelry, art and gifts. The owner, Amanda Lasker, finds a large selection of Gossypia’s art from Latin America. "[Gossypia] has such a mixture of things," said Lasker. The shop is a small store filled with unusual and creative items for shoppers to peruse.


<lst>1210 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Imperfections is an inviting antique shop that specializes in furniture and art from all over the world. "Antiques are really unique," said owner Nancy Deitchman. She and her husband moved to Alexandria 15 years ago and decided to put their antique collection to good use. Imperfections has been in business for 10 years and provides unique items that are also affordable.

<ro>Fitness on the Run

<lst>109 South Alfred Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Fitness on the Run provides the experience of a gym in a personal boutique setting. The studio provides various personal training programs such as kickboxing, running, yoga and kettlebells. Owner Denise Dick said they would like to develop even more specialized classes in the future. "We’re dreaming big now," she said. "We want to keep our philosophy of that small personal attention."


103 South Saint Asaph Street

Alexandria VA, 22314


<bt>Treat brings the world of fashion to Alexandria. Owner Jennifer Donohue said she loves boutique shopping and discount shopping so she combined those qualities into a sample sale boutique. "It’s unique to the area," said Donohue. Lucky magazine called Treat, "The Slickest Sample Sale Ever." It provides a variety of top designer clothing in a classy boutique setting and new styles are frequently added to Treat’s shelves.

<ro>Red Barn Mercantile

<lst>113 South Columbus Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Red Barn Mercantile mixes classic and contemporary pieces to create a unique mix of home furnishings. Owner Amy Rutherford feels that the rustic style is a good fit for Old Town, where old and new meet in everyday life. The store combines one-of-a-kind antiques found at flea markets and auctions with modern furniture and gifts.

<ro>Stanton Gallery

<lst>121 South Royal Street, 2nd floor

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Christine Stanton got her start as a jeweler at the Art League School in Old Town. She has been designing jewelry for 20 years and has had her store for eight. She works with customers to create custom designed jewelry and also redesigns old pieces. Each piece she creates is unique.

<ro>Arts Afire Glass Gallery

<lst>1117 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>Arts Afire is filled with all types of delicate and exquisite glass. "We’re the largest glass jewelry gallery in the country," said Joseph Egerton, president of Arts Afire. Egerton said each item is unique in Arts Afire. Shoppers can find handmade glass jewelry, beads, pottery, a large collection of kaleidoscopes and various glass gifts. Arts Afire is celebrating its 15th anniversary on July 15. Individuals can stop by Arts Afire on the 15th for fun prizes and sales.

<ro>The Full Cup

<lst>218 North Lee Street, Suite 206

Alexandria, VA 22314


<bt>The Full Cup is an elegant bra fitting salon. Women can receive bra fittings and purchase lingerie that is conducive to their figure. "It’s about what a proper-fitting bra can do for a woman’s health," said Manager Lindsey Palacios. The Full Cup carries bra sizes for women of all ages and an assortment of attractive styles to choose from.