Five questions with West Potomac sophomore pitcher Morgan Maniglia

<b>Q: What location is the farthest from the Washington D.C. metro area that you’ve traveled?</b>

A: Vancouver, B.C. for a Bar Mitzvah.

<b>Q: Who is your favorite music artist?</b>

A: Taylor Swift. She is awesome and she writes her own music.

<b>Q: What’s your favorite movie?</b>

A: "Dirty Dancing." It’s a classic and it’s a good movie.

<b>Q: What’s the best feeling you can have during a softball game?</b>

A: Strike three.

<b>Q: What is it like to play for your dad, head coach Craig Maniglia?</b>

A: Last year was the first year that I hadn’t played for him, so I don’t really know any different. I love it and I trust him because I know he knows the game.

— Jon Roetman