Board Names ‘Honored Citizens’

Board Names ‘Honored Citizens’

To acknowledge the support that volunteers have provided Arlington Public Schools, the Arlington School Board will recognize 15 Honored Citizens at the Volunteer Appreciation Reception and Ceremony on Thursday, April 19. The reception begins at 7 p.m. and the recognition ceremony begins at 7:30 p.m.

Honored Citizens are chosen for their involvement in a wide variety of school activities throughout the county and sustained commitment (usually five or more years) to the Arlington Public Schools.

This year’s Honored Citizens and their volunteer affiliations with APS are:

  • Alisa Cowen – Arlington Special Education Action Committee, Career Center, National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Courtney Dixon – Drew Elementary School and Mt. Zion Tutorial Ministry (Tutoring partnership)

  • Dan Dixon –Arlington Science Focus School, Swanson, Washington-Lee, Hoffman-Boston, Advisory Council on Instruction, Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Accountability and Evaluation and Budget Advisory Council

  • Laura Saul Edwards – Nottingham, Williamsburg and Yorktown

  • Natalie Goldring – Advisory Council on Instruction, Gifted Services, A&E, Extended Day Advisory Committee, County Council of PTAs, Swanson, McKinley

  • Mollie Iler – Gunston

  • Martha Chow Kopca – Tuckahoe, Nottingham, Williamsburg, Yorktown, H-B Woodlawn

  • Thomas Martion – Oakridge

  • Todd McCracken – Tuckahoe, Facilities Advisory Committee, 2010 School Bond Campaign

  • Lynn Pollock – Jamestown, Williamsburg

  • Theresa Schweser – Key, Kenmore, Wakefield

  • Greg Super – Oakridge, Wakefield, 2008 School Bond Campaign, Facilities Advisory Committee

  • John Toner – Arlington Special Education Action Committee, Special Education PTA

  • Gilda Vallejos – Randolph, Washington-Lee, Advisory Council on Instruction, ESOL/HILT Committee, APS Multicultural Conference

  • Kristine Wood – Key, Facilities Advisory Committee, Food Services Advisory Committee.