Almanac Wins Awards

Almanac Wins Awards

First place awards include continuing coverage of Brickyard issue, and Lourie’s columns.

Kenny Lourie, longtime columnist and Almanac advertising representative, won two first place awards from the Maryland Delaware DC Press Association, one for local column and one for sports column. Lourie has been writing about his odyssey with Stage IV lung cancer, and the judges noted: “Writer chooses tough subject, his own mortality, and handles it quite well. He gives us an honest look at a very personal issue."

The Potomac Almanac also won first place for continuing news coverage of the controversy surrounding the Brickyard Road organic farm and county plans to turn it into soccer fields.

Writer Susan Belford won second place in the feature story/profile category for her story about Potomac resident Doug Williams and his 20-year recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

Carole Dell won second place in the local column, feature or humor category for her column, Remembering Carmel.

The awards were announced at the annual meeting of the Maryland Delaware DC Press Association on Friday, April 20.

The Potomac Almanac and its sister publications in the Connection Newspapers group won 45 press association awards for work in 2011 overall, including the Virginia Press Association Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service.