Letter: Getting Our Trees Back

Letter: Getting Our Trees Back

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

When I returned to Great Falls, after only a week away, I

was absolutely shocked to find that our small but charming

shopping place was completely changed – in fact I had to do

a double take and almost did not recognize the place – it was

totally naked. In one fell swoop, all the small flowering trees in

the center of the parking lot had disappeared. We now have a

very common-or-garden shopping center without the unique

character and charm it had. We now have a center similar to all

the other suburban shopping centers---flat, boring, sun burnt

naked places. We will not be greeted with dogwoods and red

buds next spring. At least we will not have to “fight” for some

of the shade given by those trees next summer. When I asked

around as to the reason for this “massacre,” the answer was

July 29, 2012.

  1. Without those trees, customers will be able to better

see the signs of the stores. Is this a fair exchange for

the lives of those small trees? (which are not oaks and

maples etc., so they will not grow to majestic heights

and threaten to crash).

  1. We, the people, have no right to question what has

been done, the perpetrators claim they have had the

Fairfax County permission. Is this our local democracy

in action?

I think I can say that most us Great Falls residents will like to

have our trees back – not in the size of new, weak saplings but

of the same size and height when the old ones were killed. In

some countries, for every tree one cuts down, one has to plant

two more. All we are asking is to have replaced those which

the perpetrators have killed.

Pu-Chin Waide

Great Falls resident since 1976, before the shopping center was constructed.