True or False?

True or False?

— 1) Arlington County’s written history goes back to Captain John Smith’s voyage up the Potomac in 1608.

2) Arlington House was built by Robert E. Lee.

3) Arlington’s own, Sandra Bullock is fluent in German.

4) Katie Couric, American Journalist and special correspondent for ABC News, attended Washington-Lee High school as a student.

5) The Iwo Jima Memorial was officially dedicated by President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 10, 1954, it honors the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their county since Nov. 10, 1775.

6) A private cemetery can be found at the Army-Navy County Club golf course.

7) The earliest road in Arlington County followed a route much like that of present-day Shirley Highway from near Glebe Road to the Arlington Ridge cut-off. It was referred to in the early 1700s as a "wood's path."

8) Roosevelt Island was referred to as "Mason's Island" during the 1800s.

9) Hidden beneath Griffith Consumers' coal yard in Rosslyn is an old tunnel of historical interest and architectural value.

10) The Pentagon building in Arlington is the largest office building in the world. The Pentagon has 6 zip codes. To walk around the outside takes an average 15-20 minutes. It is designed to get from any one office to another in 7 minutes.

1) TRUE.

2) FALSE: Arlington House was not built by Robert E. Lee nor was it ever his legal property, but he considered it his home from 1831 to 1861.


4) FALSE: Attended Yorktown High school as a student.

5) FALSE: Dedicated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. John F. Kennedy issued a proclamation that a flag of the United States should fly from the memorial 24 hours a day.

6) TRUE: In a grove of trees near the 26th green are a number of tombstones enclosed by an iron fence. This plot was on the plantation of the Fraser family.


8) TRUE: John Mason inherited the land from father George Mason in 1792.

9) TRUE: Its arched ceiling is a fine piece of masonry engineering. The exact explanation of its construction has remained undocumented.

10) TRUE