Letter: Get Beyond Debating Debates

Letter: Get Beyond Debating Debates

To the Editor:

Mayor Euille is ready and willing to debate his opponent one-on-one. During this busy 2012 election season, Alexandrians have been bombarded by political ads and activities, and Mayor Euille has been more than accommodating to Mr. Macdonald’s interest in debating him. Macdonald seems more focused on politicizing the debate issue rather than focusing on issues that Alexandrians care about.

The Mayor believes that the debate should be done in conjunction with the other City Council debates. He still has to run the city; Andrew Macdonald does not. The community deserves to hear from as many candidates as possible and coupling a Mayoral debate with a Council debate is the most efficient use of candidates’ and the public’s time.

Macdonald is a former Democrat now an Independent running with Alexandria and “Tea Party” Republicans. His website speaks in generalities and lacks any specific plan. He should bring to the debate table a sustainable vision for Alexandria — one that serves all of the citizens of Alexandria and not just a very small, yet vocal, subset of the population.

Let’s end the political posturing, divisiveness and the debate about debates. We have a highly educated electorate who can be trusted to listen to the candidates and choose those who will serve us best.

Ron Rigby