Letter: Taxing ‘Household’ or Individual

Letter: Taxing ‘Household’ or Individual

To the Editor:

Joel Kanter of McLean wrote a letter to the editor commenting on Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest [Tax Cuts for Wealthiest: Not Right and Not Smart, Connection, December 5-11, 2012]. I don't disagree that we need to raise some taxes, especially on the wealthy. There is a problem with the current proposal, however, and I believe that if implemented as stated by proposed legislation, it will overly impact not only married couples but also the lesser salaried spouse. The legislation means a higher tax for “households” making more than $250,000. I believe the word “household” should be “individual” as many columns and speeches indicate, knowing they mean “households.” I am not opposed to individuals paying more when they make that kind of money. I am opposed, and voting with liberals usually, to penalizing married couples. The individuals are given a pass at $200,000 and if two individuals live in the household they get a $400,000 benefit. Do you see a need to penalize married couples? I would think someone has seen this issue. When a couple who is married and each makes a salary and it adds up to this $250,000, that is a lot of individual work effort to get taxed at the proposed increased rate. I think this makes it unfair to married couples. Frankly in this area, a working couple each of who makes $125,000, would hardly be considered "rich."

Nancy Appler