Letter: Waste of Taxpayer Money

Letter: Waste of Taxpayer Money

To the Editor:

I recently received a "Richmond Update" from Del. Jim Le Munyon advising: "I have proposed an additional $400,000 in the state budget for the State Police to more effectively conduct background checks for individuals desiring to purchase a firearm. Recently, a constituent brought to my attention the significant delays some purchasers were experiencing in receiving the results of their background checks …"

Delegate LeMunyon is to be congratulated on updating all his constituents regarding his efforts to represent our interests. However, I see no good reason for taxpayers like myself to be paying for this, the expediting of background checks for those attempting to purchase firearms. If those purchasing such were needing these firearms to serve in a state militia or national guard unit in order to protect the citizens of Virginia from some external threat, then I could see the need for the additional $400,000. But that is not the case.

I have written to Delegate LeMunyon advising him that I think his proposal is ill-advised. The state could use this additional money for much better purposes, e.g., education and programs that would benefit the most vulnerable in our state, especially children living in poverty and dependent on TANF to survive.

If those purchasing firearms want the background checks expedited, then they should pay for it, not the rest of us taxpayers. It is a waste of taxpayer money.

Hope Delegate LeMunyon comes to his senses and withdraws his proposal.

Robert Stewart