Letter: ‘Mischaracterizing’ SB484

Letter: ‘Mischaracterizing’ SB484

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Because it matters that people know the truth, I will point out that Jon Lovaas mischaracterized SB484, passed in the Virginia Senate and scheduled to be voted on in the Virginia House of Delegates this week ["Virginia Assembly-From Bad to Worse," Reston Connection, Feb. 8-14]. The bill requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion, but gives the woman an option to view. It is not mandated that she either see it or have it described to her. The ultrasound provides a more accurate measure of gestational age prior to the abortion and protects the life of the woman by ensuring a second or third trimester abortion does not occur in a clinic, instead of a hospital, where later abortions are required to be done due to safety concerns.

Also, given the seriousness of a decision to have an abortion, providing additional information through ultrasound is an important protection for a woman. Offering more information, as opposed to less, is the compassionate option.

Hannah Boyle