Letter: Striving for Excellence

Letter: Striving for Excellence

Letter to the Editor

As a parent of four children in the Fairfax County Public School system, I applaud the efforts of Governor McDonnell and members of the General Assembly for working to improve the quality of our education. Having both a kindergartner and a senior who is headed off to college, I know the importance of a good education, and Fairfax County is undoubtedly one of the best in the country. Governor McDonnell continues to strive for excellence as he implements measures that will both enhance teacher professional development by rewarding good teachers, and training others so that they will reach our high academic standards. Integrating technology into the curriculum and replacing permanent continuing contract status for both teachers and administrators with term contracts will help us reach this goal.

Our public school teachers and administration are second to none. They are dedicated, hardworking, compassionate, and do a phenomenal job educating our students and preparing them for college or the workforce.

Effective professional development of our educators, combined with implementation of term contracts that require fair but firm performance review, are the best ways to ensure our public school students are receiving the education they need to successfully compete in a demanding, challenging, and increasingly globalized economy.

Congratulations to Governor McDonnell and members of the General Assembly for courageously making these important and necessary reforms.

Laura Murphy

Fairfax Station