Letter: Supervising ‘Little Things’

Letter: Supervising ‘Little Things’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As I struggled through traffic, yet again, I was pressed to keep my sanity as I sat thinking about all the productive things I could be doing if I could just get home! Being a commuter to George Mason is far from the carefree lifestyle alluded to by the smiling faces on our University website, especially when you are as hyper involved as I am. My schedule is packed with classes, intramural sports, internships, Greek life, and Student Government. So no need to describe the stress induced by my time wasted in traffic, trying to travel only 5 miles to campus.

Luckily, my involvement paid off and relieved my stress at our last executive meeting of the fall semester for Student Government. When our chairwoman of University Services announced that they where nearing the final stages of development for the "West Campus Connector" or western bypass funded as a part of the Governor’s six year transportation plan.

I was told of how our Braddock Supervisor John Cook worked personally with the Transportation Secretary to fund this $15 million dollar project to reduce congestion surrounding George Mason University at Braddock and Route 123. The proposed solutions take into account everything from how construction will affect

the community to its impact on the trees and environment. Cook even established a West Campus Connector Advisory Group (WCCAG) to make sure the people were involved in the decision making process, hosting open forums and accepting public

input. I am thankful that John Cook and Governor McDonnell are working hard to help the 19,700 students attending my university and all of those affected by the traffic we create. The care that was taken in developing this plan, projected to be finished in 2014, has reassured me that Supervisor Cook is aware of the little things that affect us.

Gabrielle Webster