Letter: Unsubstantiated Allegations

Letter: Unsubstantiated Allegations

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In the past two months, John Lovaas ("Independent Progressive") published two columns alleging that the Fairfax County Police have killed several civilians without justification. The most recent column was titled "Licensed to Kill?" The prior column compared Fairfax County Police to rogue police agencies in third world African and Latin American countries. Mr. Lovaas failed to provide factual information that justified his allegations. As someone who participated in a numerous of investigations of police misconduct, I can attest that investigations should begin with collection of factual

information. Unsubstantiated allegations generate animosity and defensive responses. Perhaps the Fairfax officials do not favor creation of a civilian review board, out of concern that such a board would be filled with biased individuals such as John Lovaas.

No organization is perfect. However, the citizens of Fairfax County are fortunate to have such a professional law enforcement organization serving us.

Robert Peters