Letter: Unethical Behavior

Letter: Unethical Behavior

To the Editor:

What else is the County covering up regarding its Brickyard giveaway? The scope of its cover-up widened considerably at the WMCCA meeting Wednesday night [Jan. 11]. In public, and before TV cameras, Council President Roger Berliner revealed that "Ike said he made a commitment" — referring to a deal between Leggett and some unnamed entity to deliver public school land at Brickyard for a soccerplex privately-owned and operated for paying members only. The next day, a Channel 7 TV reporter asked Mr. Lacefield, spokesman for the County, about the Leggett "commitment." Lacefield claimed to know nothing, but he did not deny it.

Mr. Leggett has again broken the law, missing another deadline to turn over information on these backroom dealings. Lies, manipulation, and misrepresentation multiply. Facts revealed so far indicate unethical behavior, illegality, and conspiracy to defraud the citizens of the County. How far will the legal investigation go, and when will the huge proposed campaign contributions and political commitments reveal the true interest the County Executive has in this giveaway?

Charles Doran